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Database Access Methods

NDBI007 - WS 2021 [Czech version]

General information:

  • Annotation (source: SIS)
  • Time and place of the lectures: Thursday 9:00 S1 The lectures will consist of self-studying using the recordings of Petr Škoda from the previous year and individual consultations upon request.
  • Lecturer: Irena Holubová
  • Lecturer of the practicals: Pavel Koupil (web page of the practicals)
  • Details:
    • The slides will be in English.
    • Consultations (in English) will take place upon request.
    • Exam:
      • It will take the form of a written test, from which it is possible to gain up to 100 points.
      • Conversion of points to a mark: > 60 points = mark 3, > 75 points = mark 2, > 90 points = mark 1

Contents of the lectures: