Student Projects

The following topics are open for selection by students who wish to pursue a research project as their bachelor thesis, master thesis, software project, or some form of semestral work. These topics may be adjusted individually or similar topics may be negotiated.

Please, be advised that the presented topics are not formal specifications of the projects or theses. Most of them are specified in a broader sense and they will be narrowed down according to the scope of the selected type of work. For instance, some of these topics are targetted for a software project which is implemented by 5-6 students, but only a part of the specification can be selected as a bachelor or master thesis. In any case, a formal specification of a project or a thesis is determined after thorough discussion between the student and the supervisor.


  • Bachelor thesis = Bakalářská práce (NSZZ030), typically in combination with individual software project (NPRG045)
  • Master thesis = Diplomová práce (NSZZ023, NSZZ024 a NSZZ025)
  • Software project = team software project for 4-6 people (NPRG023)
  • Individual software project = software project for one person, which usually precedes Bachelor thesis (NPRG045)
  • Semestral work = any semestral work (e.g., for C++, C#, Web Applications, ...)

Currently Available

If you would like to pursue a different topic, which falls into the domain of parallel and distributed computing, high performance computing, compilers, code optimizations, efficient (parallel) data analysis, or modern aspects of web programming (but not just another simple web appliation) we are open for discussion.

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