Tunneler Revival

Supervisor: Martin Kruliš
Intended Scope: seminar work, semestral work for (advanced) web technologies
Required Skills: JavaScript, HTML5 (canvas drawing, WebSockets/WebRTC), PHP or node.js


The project should revive an old DOS game called Tunneler (see gameplay sample 1 and gameplay sample 2). The new implementation will be based on web technologies, since the game is computationally and graphically nondemanding and it is quite tedious to set it up in DOS box or some other emulator. The objective is to create a fair approximation in the terms of game principles and graphics (not necessarily an identical clone).

The emphasis and the most important difference will lie in the multi-player. Original version was designed for two players in a split sceen mode. The new version will support both traditional split screen and two players playing over the Internet using either WebSockets or WebRTC as a communication channel.

In addition, the web-based solution will require features that allow the players to contact each other and setup a game match. In other words, the players will be able to register and login to the game page, find other online users, and contact them through a simple chat. Optionally, the game could implement some form of rating that collects statistics about won matches, total play time, etc. for every user.

The content is available under Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 License