Members of the research group are currently teaching the following courses at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague.

Code Lecture Name Taught By
NPRG023 Software Project (David Bednárek, Filip Zavoral)
NPRG024 Design Patterns (Filip Zavoral)
NPRG041 Programming in C++ (David Bednárek, Filip Zavoral)
NPRG042 Programming in Parallel Environment (Martin Kruliš, Jakub Yaghob)
NPRG045 Individual Software Project (David Bednárek, Martin Kruliš, Jakub Yaghob, Filip Zavoral)
NPRG051 Advanced C++ Programming (David Bednárek, Jakub Yaghob, Filip Zavoral)
NPRG054 High Performance Software Development (David Bednárek)
NPRG058 Advanced Programming in Parallel Environment (Martin Kruliš)
NPRG059 Advanced Programming Praxis (Filip Zavoral)
NSWI026 Advanced aspects of software engineering (Filip Zavoral)
NSWI035 Principles of Distributed Systems (Filip Zavoral)
NSWI098 Compiler Principles (David Bednárek, Jakub Yaghob)
NSWI109 Compiler Design (David Bednárek)
NSWI122 Dissertation Thesis Preparation (David Bednárek, Martin Kruliš, Jakub Yaghob, Filip Zavoral)
NSWI141 Introduction to networking (Martin Kruliš)
NSWI142 Web Applications (Martin Kruliš)
NSWI150 Virtualization and Cloud Computing (David Bednárek, Jakub Yaghob, Filip Zavoral)
NSWI151 Virtualization Infrastructure Administration (Jakub Yaghob)
NSWI152 Cloud Application Development (Filip Zavoral)
NSWI153 Advanced Technologies for Web Applications (Martin Kruliš)
NSWI165 Computer skills (Jakub Yaghob)
NSWI168 Practical seminar of modern web and mobile applications (Martin Kruliš)
NSWI173 Practical Course in Computer Systems (Jakub Yaghob)
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