Parallella and Epiphany

Supervisor: Martin Kruliš
Intended Scope: Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, or seminar work
Required Skills: C/C++, parallel programming


A new emerging parallel platform called Epiphany coprocessor was presented by Adapteva. It is currently being delivered on a developer board called Parallella. We have received this device for some preliminary testing.

The main objective of this project is to learn how to develop applications for Parallella in C++ and to asses its strengths and weaknesses in comparison with other parallel platforms (multicore CPUs, NUMA servers, GPUs, Intel MIC, ...). A set of benchmarks will be designed and implemented to compare the performance of parallella and other platforms, especially to determine the performance to power consumption ratio.

This project will require a programmer with experience in benchmarking. Proclivity to hardware hacking is a plus.

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