Modern Database Systems

NDBI040 - WS 2020 [Czech version]

General information:

  • Annotation (source: SIS)
  • Time of the lectures: Wednesday 9:00
  • Time of the practicals: Wednesday 12:20
  • Lecturer: Irena Holubová
  • Lecturer of the practicals: Pavel Čontoš (web page of the practicals)
  • Details:
    • The students should have the knowledge corresponding to the course NDBI025 - Database Systems.
    • The lectures will be given in Czech, the slides will be in English.
    • Consultations (in English) will take place upon request.
    • With regards to the current situation the lectures (as well as the practicals) will be given on-line using the zoom platform.
      • Meeting id for the lectures: 934 9020 1312
      • Both the lectures and practicals will be recorded. The recordings, slides and other materials will be available on this web page.
      • The access login is 'student', password was sent via e-mail - if you didn't get it, let me know.
    • Exam:
      • It will take the form of a written test, from which it is possible to gain up to 100 points.
      • Bonus points from the practicals (up to 40 points) will be added to the points obtained from the test.
      • Conversion of points to a mark: > 60 points = mark 3, > 75 points = mark 2, > 90 points = mark 1
    • Implementation of the test with regards to current restrictions:
      • It is not necessary to pass the exam in the winter exam period. Upon agreement, you can write the test later during the summer semester or summer examination period.
      • During the winter exam period, several dates will be reserved for the exam in the SIS for a strictly limited number of people, together with a specific classroom. Other dates will be reserved if necessary or upon individual agreement.
      • If the restrictions allow, you can come to write the test in person. If not or you don't want to, you can write the test on-line. In this case, a sufficiently good connection, a shared screen and a switched-on webcam (i.e. conditions similar to test in the classroom) are necessary.
      • If the restrictions did not allow the presence of students in the school building at all and, at the same time, you could not write the test online, we will try to find a suitable solution within the given situation and your possibilities.

Contents of the lectures:


See the references in the slides.