Supervisor: Martin Kruliš
Intended Scope: Master thesis, software project
Required Skills: C++ or C#, Arduino, robotics, Kinect, Web apps, Mobile apps


The main objective is to create a physical, yet automated environment for RoboRally board game. The players will interact with the environment using computers, tablets, or cell phones. The boardgame itself will be played using mechanical 2D plotter beneath the board of the game, which will use magnets to move the pieces on the board. The game will be tracked from Kinect hanged above the board and possibly augmented by a projector targeted on the board, which will illuminate important spots and add effects like laser fire.

The project itself will comprise following components. Depending on the size and skills of the team, a subset of these components can be selected for the initial project.

  • Game server, which will hold the game status and provide interface for clients (REST API for Mobile and web applications)
  • Client interfaces (web application, Mobile application)
  • 2D plotter (like this one) controlled by a microcontroller, equipped with servos and magnetic head.
  • Kinect board game tracker. This component will actually utilize some work from a semestral project currently being realized.
  • Projector for augmenting the reality. It will be calibrated using kinect and it will project image of entities, that are in the game (like checkpoints) and effects like robot laser fire or conveyance belt moving.
The content is available under Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 License