NSWI141: Introduction to Networking


The lecture has two parts. The first (larger) part covers fundamentals of computer networking. The second part is an introduction in world wide web and web technologies.



Until it is possible to return to the benches, lessons will take place in the form of so-called Flipped classroom. No later than the day before each lesson, you will have slides available for this lecture and commentary on slides on this website. At the end of a series of slides from one lesson, there is a slide with questions on the most important topics discussed. You should study the content of the lesson and, in case of confusion, try to find out even more inormation to clarify it. At the time of the lecture, there will be a Zoom meeting which will begin with a brief summary of the last lesson and then it will be possible to consult the theme of (predominantly) the current lesson

Teaching - web part

We will continue with Zoom meetings at the scheduled time (using a different meeting ID!). Three days ahead of each lesson there will be slides available at this website for you to study. At the begining of each Wednesday Zoom meeting, I will briefly summarize the contents of slides, you can then ask questions to the current topics. The rest of the lesson will be spent on simple practical examples (this is intended mainly for students who do not yet have any experience with creating websites).

The first online meeting on web related topics will take place on Wednesday December, 9th.


To recieve credit for the course, you need to solve a home assignment and subequently pass a test. The home assignment has to be completed before you subscribe for the test. Number of points received for a test will determine your final mark.

Slides and notes for Networking Part

Slides for Web Part

Final test

This year, the test will be organized in an on-line form. At the time of the exam in the SIS, a meeting will be open on ZOOM ID 401 094 2506 (as in the network part of the lecture), I will invite you to breaking rooms, here you will prove your identity and test your camera and microphone of your computer/laptop or tablet/smartphone and you will be given access data to a special server where you will solve the quiz as a web application. You will have the camera on and the microphone turned off throughout your work, in case of technical problems you will turn on the microphone and communicate with me. After saving the final result to the server, you can log out of Zoom. You will find out the results in the SIS the next day at the latest. If you are interested in seeing where you went wrong, please contact me by e-mail and I will generate and send you a list of these questions. Occasionally, this email is marked as spam, so if it doesn't arrive at a reasonable time, check your spam-box before urging the response. And sometimes the attachment is not displayed correctly in the mailer and you must first save it to a file and open the file.