NSWI141: Introduction to Networking


The lecture has two parts. The first (larger) part covers fundamentals of computer networking. The second part is an introduction in world wide web and web technologies.



Until it is possible to return to the benches, lessons will take place in the form of Zoom meetings consisting of a brief summary of the last lesson and subsequent consultation. No later than the day before the lecture, you will have slides available for this lecture and commentary on slides on this website. If something is not clear to you and you do not even find the appropriate information on the web, you will be able to connect via Zoom and ask your questions during the lecture. At the end of a series of slides from one lesson, there is a slide with questions on the most important topics discussed. At the beginning of the next lecture, we will briefly summarize the answers to them.


To recieve credit for the course, you need to solve a home assignment and subequently pass a test. The home assignment has to be completed before you subscribe for the test. Number of points received for a test will determine your final mark.

Slides and notes for Networking Part

Slides for Web Part

Will be published later.


Every lesson has a summary in a form of a few questions as the last slide of the lesson.