NSWI141: Introduction to Networking

Home Assignment

The main objective of the home assignment is to create a simple static web styled with CSS. Detailed specification will be published at latest on October 19th in ReCodEx system in which you will also submit your solutions and where the evaluation will take place. The assignment may be found in Introduction to Networking group. If you have any trouble registering to the system, please contact the administrator: recodex -at- mff.cuni.cz.

Your solutions will be graded as follows. ReCodEx will automatically verify technical aspects of your solution (code validation, presence of requested tags or styles) and award it one point if all checks have passed successfully. Subsequently, the teacher will review your home assignment and either award one bonus point if the solution is acceptable, or requests additional modifications. The points in ReCodEx are ment solely for the purpose of denoting the states of home assignments (you need to get 1+1 points before you can attend a test). These points are not related to test points in any way -- i.e., they do not affect the final mark.

Please be aware that the home assignment have a strict deadline (see ReCodEx). Even if there will be some late examination dates, there will be no way how to fulfill the home assignment after the deadline.