Ph.D. Students

Marek Polák

  • PhD thesis: Evolution and Adaptability of Complex Applications. [pdf]
    • Started: October 2012
    • Defended: September 2017
  • Master thesis: XML Query Adaptation. [pdf]

Martin Svoboda

  • PhD thesis: Correction of Invalid Trees with Respect to Regular Tree Grammars. [pdf]
    • Started: October 2010
    • Defended: March 2015
  • Master thesis: Processing of Incorrect XML Data. [pdf]
    • Note: The Dean's Award for the Best Master Thesis

Jakub Stárka

  • PhD thesis: Analyses of Real-World Data and Their Exploitation. [pdf]
    • Started: October 2010
    • Defended: September 2013
  • Master thesis: Similarity of XML Data. [pdf]

Tomáš Knap

  • PhD thesis: Towards Trustworthy Linked Data Integration and Consumption. [pdf]
    • Started: October 2008
    • Defended: June 2013
  • Master thesis: Comparison of Fully Software and Hardware Accelerated XML Processing. [pdf]