NPRG058: Advanced Programming in Parallel Environment


This is an informational web page for the Advanced Programming in Parallel Environment course (NPRG058), which is being taught at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. The lectures in 2020/21 are being held in S11 from 15:40 to 17:10 every Wednesday. Labs are on the same day starting from 17:20 in SW1.

Covid Info: All lectures and labs are held online via Zoom until further notice.


The course is currently led by Martin Kruliš (krulis -at- and Jakub Yaghob (yaghob -at-

The primary communication channel is Slack. Invitation will be sent to all enrolled students via email.

Hardware Info

For the purposes of this course, you have been given access to parlab and gpulab servers and standalone "grafik" server. The credentials will be sent to you before the first labs (2nd week of the semester).

All servers have SSH running on port 42222. Parlab and gpulab are using slurm for job control. Details can be found here Grafik is independent playground, so remember that your applications may collide there.

For running short jobs on gpulab, use volta-hp task queue. Also do not forget add --gres=gpu:volta:1 to the srun parameters to make sure that you can access the GPU.