XCase - A Tool for XML Data Modeling
XCase editor features
In addition to common features provided by UML class diagram editors, the tool concentrates on XSEM specific features. This covers mainly the transition between PIM and PSM diagrams. This transition can not be performed automatically as we show in [1].

XCase editor supports the following features:
  • Semiautomatic guided transition from PIM diagrams to PSM diagrams
  • More PSM diagrams can be derived from the same part of one or more PIM diagrams
    • User specifies which components of one or more PIM diagrams should be translated to a PSM diagram
    • Default PSM diagram is created by the tool automatically
    • User edits the PSM diagram to model the required XML representation of the selected components (a set of operations will be provided for editing)
  • Changes in PIM diagrams are propagated to the corresponding PSM diagrams and, conversely, changes in PSM diagrams are propagated back to appropriate PIM diagrams dynamically to ensure the consistency between PIM and PSM diagrams
  • Organization of diagrams and related files within projects