XCase - A Tool for XML Data Modeling
Welcome to XCase homepage
This is a preliminary web site intended to provide a support for XCase - a tool for XML data modeling.

XCase implements a conceptual model for XML data called XSEM [1], which is based on Model-Driven Architecture (MDA). Applying XSEM, you first model a schema in a Platform-Independent Model (PIM) where you provide an XML-independent conceptual description of your problem domain. On the base of the PIM schema you model one or more schemes in a Platform-Specific Model (PSM) where you specify how your data is to be represented in concrete types of XML documents.

XCase utilizes the well-known model of UML class diagrams as PIM and a small augmentation of this model as PSM. Applying MDA in an advanced way, XCase greatly facilitates not only the design but also the maintenance of the XML schemes in your system.

The main goal of XCase project is to examine possibilities of XSEM and conceptual modeling for XML in general. The tool is original, because neither a conceptual model for XML nor a tool for conceptual modeling of XML has been developed neither in commercial nor academic conceptual modeling community to our best knowledge. There are some efforts such as Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect [6] that provide constructs for modeling XML data in UML class diagrams. However, the offered possibilities are limited as we discuss in [1].