Online social networks are associated to many disciplines, e.g. mathematics, computer science, social and biological sciences. Besides of their social characteristics these networks have their own specific features at the system level. Techniques of information retrieval, databases, preference modeling, graph theory, etc. are integrated there and adapted into dynamic environment with high scalability. The workshop Social Data Processing (SDS) continues a successful 1st year organized in conjunction with the ADBIS 2012 conference. SDS is focused on data processing issues associated with online social networks and takes up the topics of the main ADBIS conference, i.e. classical and today's hot database themes as well as various aspects of social computing.
The workshop plans to focus on the following areas:
  • * data modeling for social networks
  • * social networks and graph databases
  • * social networks and relational databases
  • * social networks and data streaming
  • * a database perspective of social networks data processing
  • * computational aspects of social networks
  • * extraction, querying, and analysis of social networks
  • * general professional social networks
  • * field specific professional social networks
  • * human testing of software prototypes in a social network
  • * behavioral modeling and social networks
  • * affective social computing
  • * mining techniques for the social Web
  • * automatic discovery and analysis of Web based social networks
  • * network evolution and growth mechanisms
  • * information diffusion in social networks
  • * detection of communities by document analysis
  • * search algorithms on social networks
  • * collaborative filtering