Conference Topics

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:Robotics in education

  • Robotics in school
  • Robotics curricula
  • Project-based learning and robotics
  • Didactic approaches and materials
  • Teaching and training for robotics
  • Evaluation and pilot studies
  • Exemplary robotics projects in classes
  • Laboratory experiments for teaching robotics
  • International trends in educational robotics
  • Evaluation and assessment of robotic-enhanced class activities
  • Hardware and software of robotic kits
  • Web-based robotics and simulation
  • Robotics competitions


As an adjacent activity to RiE, please check the Robotour contest:

RobotourThe contest will be held on Saturday 15th September. We recommend the conference participants to visit Robotour to see this practical example of robotics in education - and education in robotics, too.