This is an informational web page for the Computer Skills course (NSWI165), which is being taught at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. The seminars are being held in S4, from 15:40 to 17:10 every Wednesday in odd weeks or in S1, from 14:00 to 15:30 every Thursday.

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The course is currently led by Lubomír Bulej, Petr Tůma, and Jakub Yaghob. Please direct inqueries of a specific topic (or home assignment) to the teacher who presented the topic.

Latest Updates

1.10.2017 A new web page was created.


The grading criteria for this course are summarized in the following. Please, read them carefully. In case any rules are not clear, contact your teacher.

Credit Test

There will be a short credit test (10 minutes) on the beginning of each seminar with a topic from the past seminar. Each test will be reviewed with resulting success/failure score. To obtain the credit, you need at least 50% successfully passed tests.


If you have any questions or suggestions related to the seminars, please contact the teachers.

The presented schedule is only informational. Teaching time for a matter may vary slightly depending on the student's grasp.

4.10. 5.10. 12.10.2017 Computer architecture, bit/byte, number conversions, bitwise operations PPTX File Icon JY-01-arch.pptx PDF File Icon LB-01-arch.pdf
18.10. 19.10. 26.10.2017 Number representation, memory PPTX File Icon JY-02-memnum.pptx PDF File Icon LB-02-repre.pdf
1.11. 2.11. 9.11.2017 Pointer, record, permanent storage, file system PPTX File Icon JY-03-ptrfs.pptx PDF File Icon LB-03-varptr.pdf
15.11. 16.11. 23.11.2017 CPU, registers, instruction sets, flags PPTX File Icon JY-04-cpu.pptx PDF File Icon LB-04-instrcomp.pdf
29.11. 30.11. 7.12.2017 Compiler, expression and control structures translation, function calls, parameter passing PPTX File Icon JY-05-compiler.pptx PDF File Icon LB-04-instrcomp.pdf
13.12. 14.12. 21.12.2017 Virtual memory, process, thread, scheduling, race condition, locks PPTX File Icon JY-06-vmpp.pptx
3.1. 4.1. 11.1.2018 Repetitions, questions