Jakub Yaghob, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. committee member

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Research topics

  • parallel computing and environment
  • system and CPU architectures
  • very large data sets
  • compilers
  • semantic web
  • XML processing


NPRG042Programming in Parallel Environmentweb page of the course
NPRG045Individual Software Project
NPRG051Advanced C++ Programmingweb page of the course
NSWI098Compiler Principlesweb page of the course
NSWI122Dissertation Thesis Preparation
NSWI150Virtualization and Cloud Computingweb page of the course
NSWI151Virtualization Infrastructure Administrationweb page of the course
NSWI165Computer skillsweb page of the course
NSWI173Practical Course in Computer Systems

Ph.D. studentstop

Current: Tomáš Faltín, M.Sc.

Former: Zbyněk Falt, Ph.D., Michael Grafnetter, M.Sc., Martin Kruliš, Ph.D., Petr Malý, M.Sc.

Supervised thesestop

Big Data Distributed Processing in Heterogeneous EnvironmentTomáš FaltínPh.D.2017
Streaming system scheduling for Xeon PhiTomáš FaltínMS20152017
Streaming system scheduling for Xeon PhiTomáš FaltínMS20152016
Backing-track generator for music improvizationPetr MartišekBS20142015
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Research grantstop

  • Highly Scalable Parallel and Distributed Methods of Data Processing in e-Science (GACR P103-13-08195S) 2013-2015 cooperant
  • Semantization of the Web (GACR P202/10/0761) 2010-2012 cooperant
  • Modern Methods, Structures and Systems of Computer Science (MSMT MSM0021620838) 2005-2011 cooperant
  • Modern methods and applications of software engineering (GAUK SVV-2010-261312) 2010-2010 cooperant
  • Support of Information Centres and cooperation of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague with high schools and Public (MSMT) 2010-2010 head investigator
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Selected publications (complete list)top

  • Bednárek D., Dokulil J., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: Bobox: Parallelization Framework for Data Processing, accepted for publication in Advances in Information Technology and Applied Computing, Denpasar, AITAC, ISSN: 2251-3418, pp. 189-194, 2012
  • Falt Z., Bulánek J., Yaghob J.: On Parallel Sorting of Data Streams, in Advances in Databases and Information Systems, Poznan, Poland, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-642-32740-7, ISSN: 2194-5357, pp. 69-77, 2012
  • Kruliš M., Yaghob J.: Efficient Implementation of XPath Processor on Multi-Core CPUs, in Proceedings of the Dateso 2010 Annual International Workshop on DAtabases, TExts, Specifications and Objects, Stedronin-Plazy, Czech Republic, MATFYZPRESS, ISBN: 978-80-7378-116-3, ISSN: 1613-0073, pp. 60-71, 2010
  • Opočenská K., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: Dynamic Setup for Clusters with Multi-Master Architecture, accepted for publication in IEEE International Conference on Software – Science, Technology & Engineering, Herzliya, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 22-29, 2010
  • Bednárek D., Dokulil J., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: The Bobox Project - A Parallel Native Repository for Semi-structured Data and the Semantic Web, in ITAT 2009 - IX. Informačné technológie - aplikácie a teória, PONT Slovakia, ISBN: 978-80-970179-1-0, pp. 44-59, September 2009
  • Bednárek D., Dokulil J., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: Using Methods of Parallel Semi-structured Data Processing for SemanticWeb, in 3rd International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing, SEMAPRO, Sliema, Malta, IEEE Computer Society Press, ISBN: 978-0-7695-3833-4, pp. 44-49, October 2009
  • Dokulil J., Obdržálek D., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: DataPile: Uncertainty and Consistency Management, in International Journal of Computing & Information Technology, Vol. 1, Num. 2, pp. 109-134, 2009


Bobox, FITS, MetroNG, SPARQ parallel engine, Trisolda

Membership (detailed list)top

conference organizer

  • IDC 2013

program committee chair

  • NDT 2010

member of program committee

  • ITAT 2009-2013
  • MuCoCoS 2013


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