Jakub Yaghob, Ph.D.

  • grant committee member of the GA UK
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  • Ph.D. committee member

Research groups


Research topics

  • parallel computing and environment
  • system and CPU architectures
  • very large data sets
  • compilers
  • semantic web
  • XML processing


NPRG017Assembler Programming
NPRG041Programming in C++
NPRG042Programming in Parallel Environment
NPRG045Individual Software Project
NPRG051C++ Advanced Programming
NSWI092Microprocessor System Architectures
NSWI098Compiler Principles
NSWI122Dissertation Thesis Preparation
NSWI150Virtualization and Cloud Computing
NSWI151Virtualization Infrastructure Administration

Ph.D. studentstop

Current: Zbyněk Falt, M.Sc.

Former: Michael Grafnetter, M.Sc., Martin Kruliš, Ph.D.

Supervised thesestop

Fault-tolerant virtualizationPavel HerrmannMS2013
A decompiler for Objective-CJakub BřečkaMS2013
Compiler from Scheme to C/C++Jan NovákBS2013
Interactive disassembler for Intel 64 processorsTomáš FaltínBS2012
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Research grantstop

  • Environment for Teaching of Parallel Programming (MSMT) 2007-2007 head investigator
  • Server for Virtual Laboratory (MSMT) 2008-2008 head investigator
  • Improvement of Virtual Laboratory (MSMT) 2009-2009 head investigator
  • Improvement of HW Equipment for Teaching of Physics, Informatics and Robotics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague (MSMT) 2008-2008 head investigator
  • Modern methods and applications of software engineering (GAUK SVV-2010-261312) 2010-2010 cooperant
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Selected publications (complete list)top

  • Bednárek D., Dokulil J., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: Bobox: Parallelization Framework for Data Processing, accepted for publication in Advances in Information Technology and Applied Computing, Denpasar, AITAC, ISSN: 2251-3418, pp. 189-194, 2012
  • Falt Z., Bulánek J., Yaghob J.: On Parallel Sorting of Data Streams, in Advances in Databases and Information Systems, Poznan, Poland, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-642-32740-7, ISSN: 2194-5357, pp. 69-77, 2012
  • Kruliš M., Yaghob J.: Efficient Implementation of XPath Processor on Multi-Core CPUs, in Proceedings of the Dateso 2010 Annual International Workshop on DAtabases, TExts, Specifications and Objects, Stedronin-Plazy, Czech Republic, MATFYZPRESS, ISBN: 978-80-7378-116-3, ISSN: 1613-0073, pp. 60-71, 2010
  • Opočenská K., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: Dynamic Setup for Clusters with Multi-Master Architecture, accepted for publication in IEEE International Conference on Software – Science, Technology & Engineering, Herzliya, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 22-29, 2010
  • Bednárek D., Dokulil J., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: The Bobox Project - A Parallel Native Repository for Semi-structured Data and the Semantic Web, in ITAT 2009 - IX. Informačné technológie - aplikácie a teória, PONT Slovakia, ISBN: 978-80-970179-1-0, pp. 44-59, September 2009
  • Bednárek D., Dokulil J., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: Using Methods of Parallel Semi-structured Data Processing for SemanticWeb, in 3rd International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing, SEMAPRO, Sliema, Malta, IEEE Computer Society Press, ISBN: 978-0-7695-3833-4, pp. 44-49, October 2009
  • Dokulil J., Obdržálek D., Yaghob J., Zavoral F.: DataPile: Uncertainty and Consistency Management, in International Journal of Computing & Information Technology, Vol. 1, Num. 2, pp. 109-134, 2009


Bobox, FITS, MetroNG, SPARQ parallel engine, Trisolda

Membership (detailed list)top

conference organizer

  • IDC 2013

program committee chair

  • NDT 2010

member of program committee

  • ITAT 2009-2013
  • MuCoCoS 2013


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