Jakub Míšek, M.Sc.

Ph.D. student, supervisor Filip Zavoral, Ph.D.

Supervised thesestop

Compilation of a dynamic language Generators into MSILPetr HouškaBS20172017

Research grantstop

  • Abstraction and Automatic Extraction of Data for the Semantic Web (GAUK 28910) 2010-2012 head investigator
  • Semantization of the Web (GACR P202/10/0761) 2010-2012 cooperant
  • Modern methods and applications of software engineering (GAUK SVV-2010-261312) 2010-2010 cooperant



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Technical reports (1)

  • Abonyi A., Balaš D., Beňo M., Míšek J., Zavoral F.: Phalanger Improvements, technical report no. 2009/5, Department of Software Engineering, 60 pages, 2009 - WWW


AgentMat, LinqToWeb, Phalanger Improvements, Phalanger IntelliSense


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