Case Tool for XML Data Modeling

Jakub Klímek, Lukáš Kopenec, Lucie Kučerová, Jakub Malý, Martin Nečaský, Kateřina Opočenská


XCase is a case tool for conceptual modeling of your XML schemas. It supposes that you have several XML schemas in your system. These XML schemas usually represent just different views of your problem domain (e.g. the domain of purchasing goods and views purchase order, product catalogue, customer registration, etc.). XCase allows you modeling the domain separately at the conceptual level and then modeling particular XML schemas on the base of the conceptual model.

Where to get it

XCase is open-source and is therefore freely accessible. Users are welcome with their feedback.


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Research group at the department:

XML and Web Technologies Research Group

Supporting research projects and grants:

GACR 201/09/0990, MSMT MSM0021620838


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