Semantic Multi-Interactive Linked Environment

Martin Nečaský


S.M.I.L.E. (Semantic Multi-Interactive Linked Environment) is a prototype of semantic web application for social interaction. Social interaction by means of social networks (such as Facebook or Linked-In) is very popular way of communication and information exchange.

Unlike existing systems, S.M.I.L.E. is not restricted by predefied domain of usage or fixed ontologies. The main objective of this project is to prove concept of extensible ontologies, that can be easily updated by operators or even end users through simple GUI. In other words, our project allows users to manipulate data and meta-data aswell. This way the application based on our principles may be deployed before all feature demands are clear. Users can even participate on creating the application structure with operators.

The project uses RDF data representation for fixed meta-ontology, ontology and data. The database is accessible through layer of web services that present the data (and meta-data) in suitable XML format. Front-end (the user interface) is implemented in Javascript and XHTML and uses XHTML and XSLT templates to ensure maximal extensibility.

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XML and Web Technologies Research Group

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