Graphics Diagnostic System

Petr Lasák, Michal Žemlička


The system is designed to allow users view control and diagnostics data on different Train Buses. Input data are processed and shown in graphical interface which makes it easier for the operator to understand and handle. Object oriented and layered software design allows future improvements by implementing wrappers for even more buses and their communication interfaces.

Pilot implements communication with Národní Vlaková Linka (National Train Bus) via RS-232 interface. It also contains an NVL simulator able to communicate with GDS via local sockets.

Where to get it

GDS is the pilot software project and is freely accessible. Users are welcome with their feedback.


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Research group at the department:

Service-Oriented Systems Group

Supporting research projects and grants:

GACR 201/09/0983, MSMT MSM0021620838

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