a tool for batch file analysis

Irena Holubová, Jiří Schejbal, Jan Sochna, Jakub Stárka, Martin Svoboda


Analyzer is Java application for batch file analysis. It was developed for XML data but it has no limitations in usage for other types so it can generally works with any type of document. In addition Analyzer provides download support which means that analyzing methods can ask for additional documents from web.

With usage of Java and Netbeans Platform it allows to run Analyzer on Windows based systems as well as Linux.

It brings advanced system of Plugins. Each Plugin takes care about document type identification, corrections, data analysis, summarizing and output. Plugins are simple to develop they can be created without any knowledge of Netbeans Platform.

Where to get it

Analyzer is open-source and is therefore freely accessible. Users are welcome with their feedback.


Contact email:<at>


Research group at the department:

XML and Web Technologies Research Group

Supporting research projects and grants:

GACR 201/09/0990, GACR 201/09/P364, MSMT MSM0021620838


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