providing LINQ access to web pages

Jakub Míšek, Filip Zavoral


LinqToWeb is a framework for web data extraction. It is designed in an innovative way that allows defining strongly typed object model transparently reflecting data on the living web. This mechanism provides access to raw web data in a completely object oriented way using modern techniques of Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Using this framework development of web-based applications such as data semantization tools is more efficient, type-safe, and the resulting product is easily maintainable and extendable.

Where to get it

GNU Library General Public License (LGPL)


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Research group at the department:

Web Semantization Research Group

Supporting research projects and grants:

GAUK 28910, MSMT MSM0021620838, GACR P202/10/0761


  • Míšek J., Zavoral F.: High-Level Web Data Abstraction Using Language Integrated Query, in Intelligent Distributed Computing IV, Tanger, Springer Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-642-15210-8, pp. 13-22, 2010
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