IVP Framework

Image and Vector Processing Processing Framework

Tomáš Skopal


Image and Vector Processing (IVP) Framework is a component-based framework (.NET 2.0) designed for shape extraction experimentation. The main features are:

* Configurable components can be integrated into complex networks. Implemented components currently contain algorithms from multiple areas, including: RGB image processing, image segmentation, edge detection, binary image processing, vector (line drawing) processing, ...
* Configuration via XML documents. Batch-processing can be simulated by preprocessing the input XML file.
* Graphic user interface is available that allows easy and fast data-flow creation.

Where to get it

IVP framework is open-source and is therefore freely accessible. Users are welcome with their feedback.


Contact email:



Research group at the department:

SImilarity RETrieval Research Group

Supporting research projects and grants:

GACR 201/09/0683, MSMT MSM0021620838


  • Klíma J., Skopal T.: Shape Extraction Framework for Similarity Search in Image Databases, in DATESO 2007, Desna, Czech Republic, Matfyz Press, Praha, ISBN: 978-80-7378-002-9, ISSN: 1613-0073, pp. 89-102, April 2007
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