Miroslav Kratochvíl, M.Sc.

Ph.D. student, supervisor David Bednárek, Ph.D.

Research topics

  • Compilers and programming languages
  • Functional programming


NPRG005Non-procedural ProgrammingCourse info
NPRG030Programming ICourse info
NPRG031Programming IICourse info
NPRG041Programming in C++Course info
NPRG045Individual Software ProjectTopic ideas (czech)
NPRG051Advanced C++ Programming
NSWI095Introduction to UNIXCourse information
NSWI122Dissertation Thesis Preparation

Supervised thesestop

Traffic scheduler for Differentiated ServicesMichal BaliBS2018
Modern approach to user interfaces for e-mailMarcel HruškaBS2017
Pattern recognition for in-game spell systemsPavel MikušBS2017
Post-quantum alternative to secure socketsMarek BehúnBS20162017
Efficient simulation of environment destruction in gamesMarek DobranskýBS20162017

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