Irena Holubová, Ph.D.

associate professor

Research groups


Research topics

  • Big Data management and NoSQL databases
  • Linked Data and graph databases
  • XML data design and evolution
  • XML schema inference
  • Analysis of real-world XML data, schemas and operations
  • Similarity of XML data and its exploitation
  • Automatic generating of XML data, XML benchmarking
  • Management of XML data using (object-)relational databases


NDBI040Big Data Management and NoSQL DatabasesWeb page of the lecture (in Czech)
NPRG023Software ProjectList of projects (in Czech)
NPRG036XML TechnologiesWeb page of the lecture (in Czech)
NPRG039Advanced aspects and new trends in XMLWeb page of the lecture (in Czech)
NPRG045Individual Software ProjectList of projects (in Czech)
NSWI122Dissertation Thesis Preparation

Ph.D. studentstop

Former: Tomáš Knap, Ph.D., Marek Polák, Ph.D., Jakub Stárka, Ph.D., Martin Svoboda, Ph.D.

Supervised thesestop

Comparison of Approaches for Querying of Chemical CompoundsVojtěch ŠípekMS2017
Evolution and Adaptability of Complex ApplicationsMarek PolákPh.D.20162017
Manager of Recipes, Nutrition Values and Shopping ListsPeter HevesiBS2016
Web Data ExtractionTomáš NovellaMS20162016
An Editor of Family TreesAndrea TurčanováBS20162017
Mining Parallel Corpora from the WebJakub KúdelaMS20162016
Evolution Management in NoSQL Document DatabasesMichal VavrekMS2016
Optimization of Processing of Data Files in System DIRACMartin AdamBS20152016
Extension of the XML Check systemPetr HudečekBS20142015
Analysis of Real-World XML QueriesPeter HlístaMS20132014
Analysis of Real-World XML QueriesPeter HlístaMS20132016
Generating of Synthetic XML DataDušan RychnovskýMS20122014
Adaptation of Business Process ModelsŠárka HlušičkováMS2012
Exploitation of Crowdsourcing for the Purpose of Generating Knowledge GraphsTomáš SoukupMS2012
Analysis and Experimental Comparison of Graph DatabasesVojtěch KolomičenkoMS20122013
XML Data Editor with the Support of XML Schema InferenceMichal NěmecBS20122016
Evolution and Adaptability of Complex ApplicationsMarek PolákPh.D.20122016
The Support of XML Technologies in Oracle DB, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL ServerElina HazaranBS20122012
XSLT BenchmarkingViktor MašíčekMS20112012
Analysis of Real-World Data and Their ExploitationJakub StárkaPh.D.20102013
An XQuery Visualization ToolTatsiana MaksimenkaBS20102012
Automatic Generation of Synthetic XML DocumentsRoman BetíkMS20102015
Automatic Generation of Synthetic XML DocumentsRoman BetíkMS20102015
Automatic Generation of Synthetic XML DocumentsRoman BetíkMS20102013
Management of Undo/Redo Operations in Complex EnvironmentsKarel JakubecMS20102012
Inference of an XML Schema with the Knowledge of XML OperationsMário MikulaMS20102012
Adaptive Similarity of XML DataEva JílkováMS20102014
Adaptation of Relational Database SchemaMartin ChytilMS20102012
Optimization and Refinement of XML Schema Inference ApproachesMichal KlempaMS20102011
XML Query AdaptationMarek PolákMS20102011
Efficient Detection of XML Integrity ConstraintsMichal ŠvirecMS20102011
Inference of XML Integrity ConstraintsMatej VitásekMS20102012
Schematron Schema InferenceMichal KozákMS20102012
Correction of Invalid Trees with Respect to Regular Tree GrammarsMartin SvobodaPh.D.20102015
Efficient Interface for XML Data ProcessingMartin ŠuškaMS2009
Homework and Plagiarism Management SystemTadeáš PalusgaBS20092012
Advanced Interface for XML DataJiří KorchňákMS20092012
Homework and Test Management SystemJan KonopásekBS20092012
XML Data Editor with the Support of XML Schema InferenceMichal NěmecBS2009
XML Schema VersioningMarián ČernýMS2009
Processing of Incorrect XML DataMartin SvobodaMS20082010
XML Schema EvolutionJakub MalýMS20082010
Similarity of XML DataJakub StárkaMS20082010
Generator of Testing XML DataJakub MichalkoBS20082011
XML Data VisualizationRoman BetíkBS20082010
Towards Trustworthy Linked Data Integration and ConsumptionTomáš KnapPh.D.20082013
Comparison of Fully Software and Hardware Accelerated XML ProcessingTomáš KnapMS20082008
Adaptability in XML-to-Relational Mapping StrategiesLuboš KuličMS20072009
Automatic Construction of an XML Schema for a Given Set of XML DocumentsJulie VyhnanovskáMS20072009
Similarity of XML DataAleš WojnarMS20062008
XML BenchmarkingMaroš VranecMS20062008
Implementation and experimental comparison of selected methods for management of XML data using (object-)relational databasesMartin KřístekBS2006
XML data editorJakub ValčíkBS20062007
A Tool for XML Data AnalysisJiří VinárekBS20062009
ER diagram editor with the support of transformation into relational model and SQLPeter GorbárBS20052007
Implementation and experimental comparison of selected methods for management of XML dataPetr DavídekBS20052008
Automatic construction of XML schema for a given set of XML documentsOndřej VoštaMS20032006

Research grantstop

  • Inteligent library - INTLIB (TACR TA02010182) 2012-2015 cooperant
  • NoSQL-Net - Managing Linked Data in NoSQL Stores under Schema Evolution (BMBF 01DS13026) 2014-2014 head investigator
  • Efficient Processing of Linked Data (GAUK 4105) 2011-2013 cooperant
  • Evolution and Adaptability of XML Applications (GAUK 34710) 2010-2012 cooperant
  • Architecture for Trusted Linked Data (GAUK 3110) 2010-2012 cooperant
  • (show all)

Selected publications (complete list)top

  • [IF Journal]Bača R., Krátký M., Holubová I., Nečaský M., Skopal T., Svoboda M., Sakr S.: Structural XML Query Processing, in ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 50, Num. 5, ISSN: 0360-0300, pp. 1-41, 2017
  • [Core A conference]Lu J., Holubová I.: Multi-model Data Management: What's New and What's Next?, in Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Venice, Italy, OpenProceedings.o, ISBN: 978-3-89318-073-8, pp. 602-605, 2017
  • Holubová I., Kosek J., Minařík K., Novák D.: Big Data a NoSQL databáze, GRADA Publishing, a.s., ISBN: 978-80-247-5466-6, 2015
  • [IF Journal]Klempa M., Kozák M., Mikula M., Smetana R., Stárka J., Švirec M., Vitásek M., Nečaský M., Holubová I.: jInfer: a Framework for XML Schema Inference, in Computer Journal, Vol. 11, Num. 2, ISSN: 0010-4620, pp. 134-156, 2015 - text
  • [IF Journal]Baqasah A., Pardede E., Holubová I., Rahayu W.: XS-Diff: XML Schema change detection algorithm, in International Journal of Web and Grid Services, Vol. 11, Num. 2, ISSN: 1741-1106, pp. 160-192, 2014
  • [IF Journal]Malý J., Mlýnková I., Nečaský M.: Efficient Adaptation of XML Data using a Conceptual Model, in Information Systems Frontiers, Vol. 2014, Num. 16, ISSN: 1387-3326, pp. 663-696, 2014 - Plný text


Analyzer, BDgen, DaemonX, FlexBench, jInfer, Serrano, SchemaBuilder

Membership (detailed list)top

conference organizer

  • BenchmarX 2009-2010
  • FiCloud 2017
  • Innovate-Data 2017
  • MobiWis 2017
  • MoViX 2009
  • NoSQL-Net 2014-2015
  • X-Schemas 2009

program committee chair

  • ANT 2012-2013

member of program committee

  • ACM SAC 2010-2018
  • ADBIS 2013-2014
  • AICCSA 2013
  • AINA 2012-2013
  • BenchmarX 2009
  • BigGraphs 2016
  • CAiSE Forum 2016
  • CBDCom 2015
  • CBI 2017
  • CNSI 2011
  • Data a Znalosti 2015-2017
  • DATESO 2008-2015, 2017
  • FutureTech 2012
  • IAR 2011
  • ICIHT 2017
  • ICIST 2015-2017
  • IDEAS 2012-2017
  • ITAT 2009
  • MEDES 2014
  • MoViX 2009
  • ODBASE 2015-2016
  • RCIS 2008-2017
  • SYRCoDIS 2008-2009
  • WIMS 2012
  • X-Schemas 2009
  • Znalosti 2014

session chair

  • ADC 2009
  • DEXA 2014
  • Informatics 2008
  • ISD 2011
  • ODBASE 2008
  • WISE 2010


  • Advanced Applications and Structures in XML Processing: Label Streams, Semantics Utilization and Data Query Technologies 2009
  • Big Data Research Journal 2017
  • Data Processing Techniques in the Era of Big Data 2013
  • FP7 ICT 2013-11-4.2 Call Scalable Data Analytics 2013
  • IJISMD 2014
  • International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design 2013
  • Open and Novel Issues in XML Database Applications: Future Directions and Advanced Technologies 2008
  • The Computer Journal 2011
  • TLDKS 2012, 2014
  • WDS 2008

independent expert

  • EU FP H2020 - evaluation 2014
  • EU FP7 - evaluation 2013
  • EU FP7 - monitoring 2014

external reviewer

  • EDBT 2004
  • SOFSEM 2005

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