Jiří Peterka, M.Sc.



NSWI021Computer Networks IIComputer Networks II.
NSWI045TCP/IP Protocol SuiteTCP/IP Protocol Suite
NSWI073Modern Networking Solutions

Supervised thesestop

Testing the throughput of mobile data networksPetr LöffelmannMS2014
Detecting typosquatting attacks on domainsPeter NikodemBS2013
VPN security settings influence on system peformanceDaniel WinterBS20112014
Routing policies and real paths in the InternetTomáš HlaváčekMS20112016
Routing policies and real paths in the InternetTomáš HlaváčekMS20112016
Threat management for CERT/CSIRT teamsJiří MachálekMS20112012
DNS library for a high-performance DNS serverĽuboš SlovákMS20112011
A tool for validating electronic signatures on PDF documentsPavel SelementMS20112013
IMAP extension for mobile devicesJan KundrátMS20102012
A system for monitoring the quality of connectivityVladimír VyskočilMS20102010
DoS and DDoS attacks on the SIP protocolJan StaněkMS20102011
Routing PoliciesTomáš HlaváčekBS20092011
DNSSEC support softwareMatej DioszegiMS20082009
The influence of speed asymmetry on TCP/IPPetr MusilBS20082009
Monitoring of SLD DNS serversPetr ŠťastnýMS20072011
Design and implementation of a PAC systemPetr KalinaMS20072008
Analysis of SLD DNS servers statePetr ŠťastnýBS20062007
ENUM clientJaroslav SrpMS20062008
SIP traffic analyzerOndrej ŠterbákMS20062009
A system for measuring quality and throughput of data transmissionsDaniel MatteoniMS20052007
Simulation of network structuresPavel NovákMS20052006
Fighting spam through selecting wanted messagesJan NepožitekMS20052007
Software-based Wi-Fi access pointMichal FilkaMS20042005
Least Cost Routing for Dial-up internet accessOndřej SamešMS20032009


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