A novel trust management system for peer-to-peer networks

Miroslav Novotný, Filip Zavoral


BubbleTrust is a novel trust management system which use some new approaches.The basic idea behind the BubbleTrust is the separation of a node role into that of a resource provider and of a transaction evaluator. The peer is evaluated for both roles separately, hence the system is able to distinguish peers that provide honest resources but do not participate correctly in the TM. Members of malicious collectives often use this tactic. One part of the collective provides honest service and tries to improve the reputation of the second part that spreads malicious resources. Using the BubbleTrust makes this tactic less effective.
The peer credibility is derived only from verified information about transactions between peers. The malicious peer cannot create fake transactions, hide information about their malicious transactions or alter information about other peers transactions.

Where to get it

We created a simulation framework which facilitates comparison of different TMSs and their behavior under different malicious strategies. We used FreePastry, a modular, open-source implementation of the Pastry, P2P structured overlay network. Current source codes of the simulation framework are placed in the svn repository.

We implemented six TMSs into our simulation framework: DummyTrust, SimpleTrust, EigenTrust, PeerTrust, H-Trust, and BubbleTrust. Current source codes of all TMS implementations are placed in the svn repository.


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Web Semantization Research Group

Supporting research projects and grants:

GACR 201/09/0990, MSMT MSM0021620838


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