File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bobox_allocator.hpp [code]Accesses the Bobox allocator
bobox_basic_box.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::basic_box abstract class
bobox_basic_box_model.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::basic_box_model abstract class
bobox_basic_box_utils.hpp [code]Contains some classes for easier implementation of boxes derived from bobox::basic_box
bobox_basic_object_factory.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::basic_object_factory class
bobox_bobolang.hpp [code]Contains functions related to the Bobolang
bobox_box.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::box interface
bobox_box_model.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::box_model interface
bobox_box_utils.hpp [code]Contains some utilities and macros which make implementation of boxes easier
bobox_boxes.hpp [code]Contains implementations of auxiliary boxes
bobox_column.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::column_buffer and bobox::column class
bobox_debug_printer.hpp [code]Contains functions for printing debugging information
bobox_debug_utils.hpp [code]Contains macros and functions for easier debugging
bobox_envelope.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::envelope class
bobox_generic_box_model.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::generic_box_model class
bobox_good_old_parser.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::good_old_parser class
bobox_group_box.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::group_box abstract class
bobox_group_box_utils.hpp [code]Contains some utilities for bobox::group_box
bobox_manager.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::manager class
bobox_model.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::model class
bobox_object_factory.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::object_factory class
bobox_parameters.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::parameters class
bobox_request.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::request abstract class
bobox_results.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::results interface
bobox_runtime.hpp [code]Contains the definition of bobox::runtime abstract class
bobox_simple_box.hpp [code]Contains definition of simple_box class
bobox_type_descriptor.hpp [code]Contains bobox::type_descriptor interface, its several implementations and type policies for common types
bobox_types.hpp [code]Contains declarations of types used in the Bobox