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bobox::io_descriptor Class Reference

Descriptor of box input/output. More...

#include <bobox_type_descriptor.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef generic_distinctizer
< multiplier_tag > 
 Type for I/O multiplier.

Public Member Functions

 io_descriptor (const envelope_descriptor_ptr_type &descriptor, multiplier_type multiplier)
 io_descriptor (const envelope_descriptor_ptr_type &descriptor)
 Constructor for single I/O.
size_t get_arcs_count () const
 Gets the number of arcs.
get_descriptor () const
 Gets the envelope descriptor.
multiplier_type get_multiplier () const
 Gets the multiplier of the descriptor.

Detailed Description

Descriptor of box input/output.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef generic_distinctizer<multiplier_tag> bobox::io_descriptor::multiplier_type

Type for I/O multiplier.

null means the single I/O, valid value means the multiplicity of the input/output and invalid means that the multiplicity should be determined automatically during the instantiation

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