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bobox::envelope Class Reference

Represents an envelope. More...

#include <bobox_envelope.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  envelope_type { ET_DATA, ET_POISONED_PILL }
 Enumerates the types of the envelope. More...

Public Member Functions

void cut_off (unsigned size)
 Cuts off size rows from the begin of the envelope.
unsigned get_capacity () const
 Gets the number of allocated rows.
const columnget_column (column_index_type idx) const
 Gets the column on the given index.
const columns_type & get_columns () const
 Gets the list of all columns in the envelope.
size_t get_columns_count () const
 Gets the number of columns in the envelope.
template<typename T >
T ** get_columns_data () const
 Gets the array of pointers to the type T to the data of columns.
void ** get_columns_raw_data () const
 Gets the array of raw pointers to the data of columns.
template<typename T >
T * get_data (column_index_type index) const
 Gets the data of the column with the given index as an array of type T.
void * get_raw_data (column_index_type index) const
 Gets the raw pointer to the data of the column with the given index.
unsigned get_size () const
 Gets the number of valid rows.
envelope_type get_type () const
 Gets the type of the envelope.
bool is_data () const
 Query if the envelope contains data.
bool is_poisoned () const
 Query if the envelope is poisoned pill.
void relocate (unsigned offset)
 Relocates the begin of the column relatively to current position.
void reset_relocation ()
 Resets the relocation. See bobox::envelope::relocate.
void set_capacity (unsigned capacity)
 Sets the total number of allocated rows.
void set_column (column_index_type idx, const column &column)
 Sets the column on the given index.
void set_size (unsigned size)
 Sets the new number of valid rows.

Static Public Member Functions

static envelopecreate (columns_type &&columns, unsigned size=0, unsigned capacity=0, const parameters_ptr_type &parameters=parameters_ptr_type())
 Creates new envelope with data.
static envelopecreate_poisoned_pill ()
 Creates the poisoned pill.

Detailed Description

Represents an envelope.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enumerates the types of the envelope.


The envelope contains data.


The envelope is poisoned, i.e. the last in the stream.

Member Function Documentation

static envelope* bobox::envelope::create ( columns_type &&  columns,
unsigned  size = 0,
unsigned  capacity = 0,
const parameters_ptr_type &  parameters = parameters_ptr_type() 
) [static]

Creates new envelope with data.

columnsThe columns with data.
sizeThe number of valid rows in the envelope.
capacityThe number of all rows in the envelope.
parameters(optional) The parameters.
void bobox::envelope::relocate ( unsigned  offset)

Relocates the begin of the column relatively to current position.

offsetOffset as the number of rows.

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