Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bobox::allocator< T >Allocator for STL containers. Uses bobox::allocate and bobox::deallocate for memory management
bobox::basic_boxThe base class for most cases
bobox::basic_box::generic_model< TBox, bst >Generic model for basic box. Provides implementation of bobox::box_model for most situations
bobox::basic_box_modelPartial implementation of the bobox::box_model interface
bobox::basic_object_factoryImplementation of the bobox::object_factory. It makes registration of boxes and types easier
bobox::bobolangContains classes and functions related to Bobolang
bobox::bobolang::libraryLibrary with Bobolang models
bobox::boxThe interface for box implementations
bobox::box_modelInterface for classes which represents model of boxes
bobox::box_model_parameters_packContains all parameters passed to the box model
bobox::box_parameters_packContains all parameters passed to the box
bobox::box_pid_typeRepresents the parallel identifier of a box. When boxes are parallelized and work in a group, this identifier distinguishes them
bobox::broadcast_boxBroadcasts all envelopes from its input to its all outputs
bobox::columnRepresents one column in an envelope
bobox::column_bufferKeeps the raw data of the column
bobox::debug_printerEncapsulates some functions for printing debug info
bobox::dummy_boxBase class for dummy boxes, i.e. boxes, which wait until all their inputs are closed and then send poisoned envelopes to all their outputs
bobox::envelopeRepresents an envelope
bobox::envelope_bufferRepresents the buffer of envelopes
bobox::envelope_descriptorDescriptor of envelopes
bobox::envelope_split_boxSplits every incoming envelope into equal-sized parts and sends them to its output. The splitting algorithm is fair and resistant to rounding errors
bobox::exceptionThe main Bobox exception
bobox::generic_box_model< TBox >Generic implementation of the bobox::box_model. Should be usable for most cases
bobox::generic_type_descriptor< T >Generic type descriptor parametrized by a type policy
bobox::good_old_parserParser of the old format of the model description. The Bobolang is better choice now:-)
bobox::group_boxOne of implementation of the bobox::box interface. It is easier to use bobox::basic_box
bobox::init_boxInitialization box. It sends a poisoned envelope to its output and initialize the main box bobox::init_box::set_main_box
bobox::input_index_envelope_bufferBuffer for input envelopes which all have the same size of power of 2. The stream might be indexed by size_t in this case
bobox::input_streamEncapsulates manipulation with an input stream
bobox::io_descriptorDescriptor of box input/output
bobox::join_boxCollects envelopes from its inputs and passes them to the output. In contrary to bobox::rr_join_box, the ordering of output envelopes is undeterministic
bobox::managerThe manager is responsible for request management. i.e. their instatiation and evaluation. In the application at most one instance of this class must exist
bobox::manager_listenerManager listener. The bobox::manager sends its events through this interface
bobox::modelRepresents the model
bobox::model::connectionRepresents a connection between two boxes
bobox::model::connection::destinationRepresents the destination of a connection
bobox::model::connection::sourceRepresents the source of a connection
bobox::model_boxModel box encapsulate the instantiation of bobox::model. See bobox::model::instantiate
bobox::model_box::modelThe model of the bobox::model_box
bobox::object_factoryInterface for box models and types creation
bobox::output_stream< TPostAllocate, TPreSend >Encapsulates manipulation with an output stream
bobox::parallel_dummy_boxParallel dummy box, i.e. the box, which waits until all its inputs are closed and then sends poisoned envelopes to all its outputs
bobox::parametersRepresents parameters which are passed to request, box models, boxes and types
bobox::passthrough_boxPassthrough box passes all envelopes from input directly to the output. It is used for example as input/output box in bobolang model
bobox::passthrough_box::modelModel of the bobox::passthrough_box
bobox::proxy_boxProxy encapsulates two boxes (input and output boxes) so that they look like one box. Its inputs are connected to the input box and its outpus to the output box
bobox::requestRepresents a request. All boxes of one request shares pointer to its corresponding instance
bobox::resultsRepresents results of a request
bobox::rr_join_boxCollects envelopes from its inputs in round-robin manner and passes them to the output
bobox::rr_split_boxDispatches envelopes from its input to its outputs in round-robin manner
bobox::runtimeRepresents the runtime. In fact, runtimes correspond to front-ends, i.e. each front-end has typically one runtime which is responsible for creation its boxes, data types and for management of data related to the front-end
bobox::simple_boxVery simple box, in fact, the simpliest implementation of bobox::box interface. All you need to do is override bobox::box::push_envelope_impl, bobox::box::pull_envelope_impl and optionally bobox::box::init_impl
bobox::simple_box::generic_model< TBox, bst >Generic model for simple box. Provides implementation of bobox::box_model for most situations
bobox::simple_box::inputContains all information related to one input of the box
bobox::simple_box::outputContains all information related to one output of the box
bobox::stateful_dummy_boxStateful dummy box, i.e. the box, which waits until all its inputs are closed and then sends poisoned envelopes to all its outputs
bobox::stateless_dummy_boxStateless dummy box, i.e. the box, which waits until all its inputs are closed and then sends poisoned envelopes to all its outputs
bobox::stream_indexRepresents the index of a line in the stream
bobox::stream_lineRepresents one line in the stream
bobox::term_boxTermination box. It waits until it receives a poisoned envelope on its input and after that it terminates the request
bobox::type_descriptorDescribes type of values in envelopes and scalars