Symposium Program

Sep 4 Sep 5 Sep 6
9:00  registration 9:00  registration 9:00  registration
9:30  Session 1 9:30  Session 3 9:30  Session 5
10:50  coffee break 10:50  coffee break 10:50  coffee break
11:20  Invited lecture 11:20  Invited lecture 11:20  Session 6
12:45  lunch 12:45  lunch 12:45  lunch
14:00  Session 2 14:00  Session 4 14:00  Session 7
15:00  coffee break 15:20  break 15:00  closing
15:20  MASTS 15:30  A4C
16:40  break 17:30  end
16:50  MASTS 19:00  Dinner

Detailed Program

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Session 1 - Distributed Data Processing
chair: Domenico Rosaci 
2 Martin Chytil, Marek Polák, Martin Nečaský and Irena Holubova
Evolution of a Relational Schema and its Impact on SQL Queries
3 Héctor Allende-Cid, Claudio Moraga, Hector Allende and Raúl Monge
Context-aware Regression from Distributed Sources
4 Makoto Yamaguchi and Takao Miura
Incremental Patterns in Text Search
9 Martin Dostal, Michal Nykl and Karel Jezek
Exploration of document classification with Linked Data and PageRank
Invited Lecture 1
Michal Pěchouček: Future challanges of multiagent research and agent technology  
Session 2 - Intelligent Networks
chair: Takao Miura 
6 Domenico Rosaci and Giuseppe M.L. Sarne'
REBECCA: Using Trust-based Filtering to Improve Recommendations for B2C e-Commerce
42 Franco Zambonelli, Gabriella Castelli, Marco Mamei and Alberto Rosi
Programming Self-organizing Pervasive Applications with SAPERE
13 Domenico Rosaci and Sarnè Giuseppe M.L.
Matching Users with Groups in Social Networks
Session 3 - Distributed Systems
chair: David Camacho 
8 Kirak Hong, Beate Ottenwälder and Umakishore Ramachandran
Scalable Spatio-Temporal Analysis on Distributed Camera Networks
27 Luis Nogueira and Jorge Coelho
Service-wide Adaptations in Distributed Embedded Component-based Systems
43 Philippe Chatalic and Andre de Amorim Fonseca
Somewhere2 - A robust package for collaborative decentralized consequence-finding
34 Lukas Klejnowski, Sebastian Niemann, Yvonne Bernard and Christian Müller-Schloer
Using Trusted Communities to Improve the Speedup of Agents in a Desktop Grid System
Invited Lecture 2
Ngoc Thanh Nguyen: Integration Computing and Collective Intelligence  
Session 4 - Distributed Algorithms
chair: Jorge Coelho 
5 Victor V. Toporkov, Anna Toporkova, Alexey Tselishchev and Dmitry Yemelyanov
Heuristic Co-allocation Strategies in Distributed Computing with Non-dedicated Resources
7 Peter Butka, Jozef Pocs and Jana Pocsova
Distributed Version of Algorithm for Generalized One-Sided Concept Lattices
31 Tomas Potuzak
Distributed/Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Road Traffic Network Division for Distributed Traffic Simulation
41 Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo and David Camacho
Environmental influence in bio-inspired game level solver algorithms
Session 5 - Agent-based Systems
chair: Victor Toporkov 
Knowledge-based Agent for Efficient Allocation of Distributed Resources
18 Bruno Mermet and Gaële Simon
A new proof system to verify GDT agents
37 Lars Braubach, Kai Jander and Alexander Pokahr
High-Volume Data Streaming for Agents 
51 Matei Popovici and Lorina Negreanu
Strategic behaviour in Multi-Agent Systems able to perform temporal reasoning
Session 6 - Cloud Computing and Robotics
chair: Alessandro Longheu 
29 Marjan Gushev and Sasko Ristov
Resource Scaling Performance for Cache Intensive Algorithms in Windows Azure
30 Daniel Tovarňák, Filip Nguyen and Tomas Pitner
Distributed Event-driven Model for Intelligent Monitoring of Cloud Datacenters
46 Stefan Gheorghe Pentiuc, Vultur Oana and Andrei Ciupu
Control of a Mobile Robot by Human Gestures 
R13 Łukasz Juszkiewicz
Improving noise robustness of speech emotion recognition system
Session 7 - Intellignet Networks
chair: Lars Braubach 
20 Filip Nguyen, Daniel Tovarňák and Tomáš Pitner
Semantically Partitioned Peer to Peer Complex Event Processing
21 Alessandro Longheu, Vincenza Carchiolo, Michele Malgeri and Giuseppe Mangioni
An heuristic to explore trust networks dynamics
44 Ionel Muscalagiu, Horia Emil Popa and Viorel Negru
The Impact of the "Nogood Processor" Technique in scale-free networks
MASTS Workshop
chair: Adina Florea 
M02 A Urzica, I Bobric
Distributed Reputation Mechanism Using Semantic Repositories
M03 I Mocanu, L Negreanu
Agents Modeling under Fairness Assumption in Event-B
M04 G Iuhasz, V Munteanu, V Negru
A Survey of Adaptive Game AI: Considerations for Cloud Deployment
M07 Inna Shvartsman, Kuldar Taveter
From Agent-Oriented Models to Profile Driven Military Training Scenarios
M10 M Puica, I Mocanu, A Florea
Agent-based System for Affective Intelligent Environments
M11 T Berariu
An Argumentation Framework for BDI Agents
M12 V Lungu, A Baltoiu, S Radu
Using Emotion as Motivation in the Newtonian Emotion System
A4C Workshop
chair: Salvatore Venticinque 
A01 Massimo Ficco, Luca Tasquier, Beniamino Di Martino
Interconnection of Federated Clouds
A02 Luigi Coppolino, Salvatore D'Antonio, Luigi Romano, Fotis Aisopos, Konstantinos Tserpes
Effective QoS Monitoring in Large Scale Social Networks
A03 Alba Amato, Beniamino Di Martino, Marco Scialdone, Salvatore Venticinque
Personalized Recommendation of Semantically Annotated Media Contents
A04 Victor Ion Munteanu
Supporting Cloud Governance Through Technologies and Standards
A05 Flora Amato, Antonino Mazzeo, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello
Exploiting cloud technologies and context information for recommending touristic paths
A06 Flora Amato, Mario Barbareschi, Valentina Casola, Antonino Mazzeo
An FPGA-based Smart Classifier for Decision Support Systems